Juliana Meek purchased her condo and immediately set to work pulling down wallpaper and renovating the kitchen.  Her family chipped in and helped pull out old cabinetry, rip out wallpaper, and help with handiwork.  She painted the walls a creamy white to showcase her art collection and replaced the carpentry with neutral carpet.  She used leftover grey vinyl tile in her kitchen to give it a modern look with a soft feel underfoot.  She updated the old cabinetry with simple white cabinets and stainless appliances and installed wood and stainless lights to match her Mid-Century Modern furniture.  Her furniture is a collection of a genuine mid-century modern family heirlooms and danish modern pieces collected over time.  The condo went from a pastel tropical look to a sleek modern condo with mid-century furniture that showcases her fine art.  The gallery below shows the transitions of each room.

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Juliana’s family helped out with her renovations.  Photos of the entire family working below.

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