How it began

We are a husband and wife team that has learned a lot during our time together.  What began as a desperate attempt to pay down our student loans resulted in creative solutions for every aspect of our lives.  We learned to turn any place we lived – no matter how small – into a place we loved, even when we had little to no money to spend. Our goal is to help other people find inspiration and turn that inspiration into their creation, no matter how small or how big the budget.


Photographer, Designer, Engineer

Deb received her BSE in Civil & Environmental Engineering with a certificate in Architecture and Engineering from Princeton University.  In other words, she majored in Civil Engineering and for some reason minored in Architecture.  When she’s not redoing her house, photographing events, or buying and selling furniture on craigslist, she enjoys her job as a water management engineer at a small engineering firm in Naples, Florida.  The fact that she actually works as an engineer has been one of the biggest surprises to all of her classmates who were sure that she was going into “anything but engineering” when she graduated.


Master Carpenter, Painter, Student

Matt received his first Bachelors of Science in Business Management from Florida Gulf Coast University.  Apparently unsatisfied with just one degree, he returned to FGCU to complete a degree in Civil Engineering as well.  When he isn’t in class, studying, or working full time at a small engineering firm in Naples, he enjoys helping Deb with her various projects and reminding her that, no, no one is going to see that small crack between those two pieces of crown moulding and, yes, caulk covers a multitude of sins.


Pest Control, Fellow Feline Annoyer, Project Destroyer

Newton found Deb when she was walking down the street at a previous house.  He fell out of a tree onto her shoulder and has unfortunately remained fairly loyal despite any attempts to allow him to return to his natural habitat.  He enjoys spending his days inside, asleep, and then spending his evenings whining to go outside.  He helps with home improvement projects whenever he can and loves being outside with his parents.

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