Juliana and Kristine Meek returned to Naples, Florida a few years ago to help with the family art gallery, The Harmon-Meek Gallery. In just a few short years Juliana started the Meek | Modern Gallery in the Third Street Shopping District and found a condo near the beach. Previously uninterested in home ownership, she fell in love with the condo and the location and made an offer.

Upon moving in, she knew she needed to renovate. The condo was outdated and decorated with pastel tropical decor and multiple layers of wallpaper. She planned to turn the tropical décor into a modern space with room for art. Her family helped remove a massive mirror covering her dining room wall and strip the layers of wallpaper. Within a week, the walls were clear and the condo was ready for paint. Juliana chose a creamy white paint to keep the walls neutral and to showcase the artwork she has collected over the years.

Be sure to check out the Before and After pictures of her home renovation.

She replaced the kitchen cabinets with simple white cabinetry and chose recycled glass for the counter top. She used grey vinyl tiles in the kitchen that she had leftover from her renovation of the Meek | Modern Gallery space. She chose a beautiful modern light and fan fixture with brushed stainless details to match the Danish modern table in the sitting area and the furniture throughout the rest of the condo. Original mid-century glassware adds to the kitchen décor.

The living room was decorated with a mix of genuine Danish Mid-Century Modern furniture and Modern Danish furniture from the 1980s.  She inherited the wood-based Danish sofa and seat set from the art gallery and paired those pieces with other Danish Modern pieces that she has collected over the years.  The warm wood mixed perfectly with the soft grey carpet and warm white walls.  She decorated the walls with a mix of art she has collected over the years.  One of the most beautiful pieces in the room is the Danish Modern room divider shelf, decorated with family glassware.  The piece gives interest to the room and separated the dining area from the living area.

The dining room features a mid-century modern table set and a buffet set off to the side.  The table and buffet both feature a vintage pieces – the serving set is a family piece and the pieces on the buffet were collected over time.  Art was carefully chosen and hung in each location to pull the entire space together.

She chose more traditional pieces for her bedroom, but incorporated a modern fan and light set to match the decor in the main part of the condo.

Many pieces in the house are family heirlooms.

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