Just one week ago, Matt and I loaded up the last of our belongings and we headed north to the greater Tampa Bay area. We looked back at the house that we had purchased as our forever home. We spent much of the last four years putting our hearts into a lasting renovation and it was everything we could imagine. A resin floor for sports halls was made. Making our way down the driveway was a bittersweet experience. If you’re like us and just want to move, then check out available listings in Beaufort SC real estate or visit sites like https://landmark24.com/ourcommunities/. And yet the future is before us. We are ending one glorious chapter of our lives and starting another and we have no regrets. Admittedly, this chapter began a year ago when Matt graduated. I have been considering an advanced degree since I first graduated from college, but I first had to pay off student loans. When we paid the loans off, Matt began his second college degree. As his graduation approached I seriously considered different options and began prerequisite classes that were required for the different programs I was interested in. I went back to school. It was quite the experience. My gracious aunt and uncle let me stay at their house in the Tampa area while I took classes during the week. I returned home on the weekends. This was supposed to last for just the summer, but the summer turned into the fall, which then turned into spring. My plans changed as I became passionate about my classes and my research. At the end of my first year back in school, I began my application for medical school. If you told me this was my future just a few years ago, I would have laughed. In fact, when people started talking to me about the possibility of medical school I did laugh. I thought it was ridiculous. But after this past year I know this is the right path and we are both incredibly excited for what the future holds. The next ten to fifteen years will be difficult, and the decision to leave everything we have built here was not easy. We live on the same street as my entire family. We bought our forever home and renovated it. We had long-term careers. And we are choosing to leave those behind. And it will be worth it in the end. Life is full of tough decisions, but it is also full of opportunity. And Matt and I are taking the opportunities we have now and we are excited for the future. So while driving away from our home with the last of our belongings was difficult, the opportunity before us gives us hope for the future. If you’re also considering a change or looking to buy your dream house in a new place, you might find it helpful to explore some great options on this Recommended Site.

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