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Laundry Room Organization

by Deborah Cull | Mar 2, 2016 | create, design, inspire, thrive | 0 comments Laundry Room OrganizationThere were two aspects of our house that drew us to it: the first was that the original owners were the builders and they carefully customized it, taking great pride...

How to Find the Best HVAC Contractor

Be very careful in vetting contractors as to why they are chosen over other companies. Remember, the more a contractor knows, the more available contracts they will get for your home. Their answers to questions you have are likely to be more helpful than the quality...

The End of A Chapter & The Beginning of Another

The End of A Chapter & The Beginning of Another

Just one week ago, Matt and I loaded up the last of our belongings and we headed north to the greater Tampa Bay area. We looked back at the house that we had purchased as our forever home. We spent much of the last four years putting our hearts into a lasting...

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper

Gift Wrapping with Kraft Paper

I somehow discovered kraft paper at Home Depot when we repainted our first house.  I was inspired to use it as gift wrap and was pleasantly surprised that I liked the way it looked with some fancy red ribbon I purchased through my nieces' school gift wrap sale.  Years...

Rolled Sugar Cookies

Rolled Sugar Cookies

Matt and I decided to create Homemade Sugar Cookies in a Jar for our family members this Christmas.  And, being the responsible gift-givers that we are, we knew we should test the recipe before sending the cookies out.  And I am happy to say we found a...

Homemade Sugar Cookie Mix in a Jar

Homemade Sugar Cookie Mix in a Jar

Matt and I love to create a homemade gift for our family members each year, but I have been away at school during the week and so busy that I did not think we would be successful.  But I was inspired by a gift they sell at Disney - a Mickey gingerbread kit, complete...


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