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The Anatomy of Trim Work

The Anatomy of Trim Work

Trim work is essential to construction and it hides certain aspects of the house while creating a cohesive look.  There are four major types of trim: Baseboards, Crown Moulding, Door Casings, and Window Casings.  Window Casings and Door Casings often match or are of a...

Laundry Room Organization

Laundry Room Organization

There were two aspects of our house that drew us to it: the first was that the original owners were the builders and they carefully customized it, taking great pride in its design and construction.  The second was that the house was full of unexpected 45-degree...

The Design Process:  The Inventory Phase

The Design Process: The Inventory Phase

A few weeks ago, we covered the design process in four phases.  The four phases of design include the Inventory Phase, the Inspiration Phase, the Design Phase, and the Construction Phase.  Design involves going back and forth between these phases, but you must start...

Introduction to Architectural Drawing

Introduction to Architectural Drawing

Architectural drawing plays a vital role in architectural design and it is important to have an understanding of the various types of architectural drawing regardless of whether you hire a design professional or design everything yourself.  Architectural drawings...


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