It has been a very exciting, yet very long, three years.  About four years ago we had the idea that perhaps Matt should go back to school to finish his engineering degree.  He started out majoring in engineering before switching to business, so he had completed most of the required prerequisite classes.  Matt somehow managed to fit a nearly full time class schedule into his 40+ hour work schedule and he finished well. He also took the FE (Fundamentals of Engineering Exam) the Thursday before graduation and he passed!  This is very exciting as it means he is officially an Engineer-in-training and he has just a few more years before he can get his official Professional Engineer license.

Of course the best story is from his graduation weekend.  I purchased a solid wood table from a facebook ad and it has been sitting in our garage, ready to be painted. But we kept getting rained out.  So behold, on graduation weekend Matt was free and the weather was glorious, so we spent all weekend painting that table and our chairs.  We hopped in the shower around 2 PM and headed up to school at 3 PM for the ceremony.  Never a dull moment in our household.

The table is absolutely amazingly beautiful.  We use a paint sprayer for our furniture and the final coat is so smooth.  We are both really paranoid about the cats ruining the finish, so I bought some 8mil clear vinyl from a fabric store and cut it to fit the table.  Now the table is protected and it looks fairly nice, even with the cover on it.  Photos below.  I will also have a post in the future about how to get a perfect paint finish.  We LOVE our paint sprayer.

You might have noticed that a little extra time has passed between posts.  Now that Matt has graduated, I will be taking a few classes I missed in college.  I have spent a great deal of time over the past month and a half (and I’m not exaggerating) trying to sign up for classes at our local university.  The same university that successfully graduated Matt twice.  And it has been an utter disaster.  I salute all of my readers who have successfully graduated from a state university.  You have my respect.  Instead I have signed up for classes that are nowhere near here and I will be living away from home for part of the week.  I will be working remotely and I will be posting very sporadically over the summer. That said, I would love to host some guests posts on the blog over the summer. Let me know if you have some post ideas!!

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