I am an avid outdoor runner, but I often have a hard time figuring out just how much – or how little – to wear.  The summer temperature in Florida never dips below 72, so the decision is easy: a tank top and running shorts.  But minor temperature fluctuations in the winter can be the difference between tights and shorts, long-sleeve shirts or short-sleeve shirts, the necessity of a soft-shell jacket or headbands, or the type of gloves that are appropriate for the weather ahead.  After years of running outdoors, I have a fairly good idea of what to wear based on the temperature, wind, and humidity, but the appropriateness of my selection is wholly dependent on the accuracy of the weather forecast.

And then someone developed the Dark Sky app. My husband introduced me to the Dark Sky app on a camping trip and I was amazed when it predicted rain in 2 minutes, AND IT RAINED IN 2 MINUTES.  Two minutes on the dot.  I have been using the app for a full year and I can attest to its accuracy and consistency.  It is been remarkably accurate when predicting the exact time rain will start during our summer afternoon thunderstorms and it has been incredibly helpful for picking out my winter running attire.  So if you are looking for an accurate weather app, you should spend the $3.99 for Dark Sky.

The website forecast.io is produced by the same company and is an excellent way to check the weather from your computer.  If you are hesitant to purchase the app, spend a few days on the website and you will be convinced it is one of the best weather apps available.

The app has a simple interface

Hourly Precipitation

Hourly Wind Speed and Direction

Visual Precipitation

Weekly Forecast

Hourly Temperature

Hourly Humidity

Visual Temperature

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