There are times when winging a project works out well in the end, but most projects benefit from a bit of planning up front. One of the most important steps in any project is the design and planning. The design in its most basic form can be broken down into four phases. In the upcoming months we will be taking a detailed look at each phase as well as showing the design process of parts of our house. The four phases of the design process are as follows.

Phase 1: The Inventory Phase

During the Inventory Phase, you take an inventory of your existing resources including your budget, your existing space, and even your abilities.   During this phase you will be setting a budget, drawing a floor plan, and determining the extents of the project. This is also the time to determine how much of the work you plan to do yourself.

Phase 2: The Inspiration Phase

During the Inspiration Phase, you gather inspiration, review it, and create a comprehensive inspiration board based on your project. This is when you pull together all of your ideas and narrow them down.

Phase 3: The Design Phase

When you finally begin the Design Phase, you will be taking your inspiration and ideas and the existing space and uniting them to create an initial design. You will continue to hone the design to fit your budget, existing conditions, local and national building codes, and constructability.

Phase 4: The Construction Phase

Nearly every project changes during construction. Walls are never perfectly straight, ceilings dip, surprises arise, products are discontinued, and you will make mistakes. During the Construction Phase, you will go back to the design to make changes based on changes in the construction method or any surprises you discover during construction. Consider it part of the joy of design.

We are excited to get into the details of these phases in the next few months!

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