Matt and I have had a busy start to the year with my grandmother’s funeral, a conference, and a brief weekend vacation.  We enjoy having some time away from home, but weekends away make it difficult to catch up on work.  This month we started a new project: the dreaded GARAGE RENOVATION.  We have completed renovations on all but the bathrooms in our house, but the garage turned into a complete nightmare in the mean time. So we thought we should start on it since we should be using it for something other than the place where we store everything we wish to ignore for the next few months.   We have some awesome plans for the garage, including a workout area (which is mostly complete), some overhead storage, and a climbing wall.  Yes.  A climbing wall.  More like a bouldering wall, but we will not argue over the details.  We are super excited about the climbing wall.  So far most of our work has involved going through all of our crap belongings and throwing half of them away and keeping half of them in another storage area for the dreaded future yard sale (which cannot come soon enough and yet I dread the day it actually does come because, yard sale).  We are making a lot of headway, though, and I am excited to show our before and during photos next week!

That said, we were discussing our favorite things this week and Matt reminded me that one of our absolute most favorite things in the entire universe is … our drill.  Yep, we love our little drill.  There are so many drills out there that it can be difficult to choose just one.  And, yes, I should admit up front that we actually have three.  And we use all three for various projects so there are good reasons to purchase more than one drill.  But if you are just getting into the home improvement scene, I recommend starting out with just one drill – and the best drill for most of the jobs that we do is the Dewalt 12-Volt Cordless Drill.  This drill is great because it is really powerful, but it is also fairly small and easy to store.  Matt purchased this drill for me, but he uses it more often than he uses his other two drills. So if you are getting ready to hang some curtains or build some furniture, you cannot go wrong with this drill.

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