We usually feature items for your dwelling on our Graceful Favorites, but I could not resist posting about one of our favorite T-shirts.  We came upon The Home T a while back and fell in love.  While we have lived in other places, we purchased two Florida Home Ts to show our devotion to our home state.  We absolutely love them – they are super soft and ridiculously comfortable. The Home T also has sweatshirts, pillow covers, onesies, and even shower curtains.  They have a USA Home T, a Home at the Castle T (shown below), and a Y’all T for the Southern States.  We talked our entire family into purchasing the Home at the Castle Ts for our last trip to Disney. Maybe our matching outfits were a little cheesy, but we had a blast.  As if hometown pride isn’t enough of a reason to purchase a Home T, The Home T company donates money from every sale to Multiple Sclerosis research.  In fact, they are working on a fundraiser right now for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Feel free to donate here.  So if you are looking for a way to show your hometown pride, hop on over to The Home T!

(I should mention that these posts are never sponsored – we just love these products and want you to enjoy them as well!)

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