We are busily organizing our garage here at The Graceful Dwelling.  We have exciting plans for it!  One of the things I am most excited about is getting our rowing machine out of our office closet and back into the garage where we may actually start using it again.  Speaking of the office closet, we recently organized it (and cleared out a lot of the garage in the process) by purchasing a 5x5 Kallax shelf from IKEA.  We later found some beautiful square sliding “drawers” at Target and they fit perfectly into each square as well as kraft paper magazine holders that fit along the top shelf.  I will post photos when we successfully extricate the rowing machine, but enjoy the beautiful images below from The Perfect Match.  You can purchase this shelving unit in many different sizes, which allows you to personalize it for your storage and organizational needs.  Best of all, it’s quite sturdy and fairly inexpensive compared to other options.

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