Admittedly, Matt and I are not big on New Years Resolutions.  If it was important enough to change, it was usually important enough to change immediately.  However, we have found that a few minor changes we have made over the years have made a big difference in our lives and the changes did not require much effort.  Here are a few things we have been working on over the years and we will continue to work on in the new year:

Pay Extra on Debt Every Month

Paying off our debt was the greatest change we made in our lives since we first were married.  When you look at debt on the large scale, it seems overwhelming, so instead work toward paying just a little extra each month.

Save Money Every Month

We started saving $50 a month in an investment account when we first got married and that has ballooned to quite a bit more.  Start saving now – even just a small amount.  You will look back in a few years and think, “I am so glad I started saving a few years ago and did not wait!”

Give Money Every Month

This we need to work on.  Give money to a charity, some missionaries, your church, or someone in need.

Do something Challenging Every Week

Do something that makes you just a little uncomfortable.  It can be anything from making that phone call you are avoiding to challenging yourself with a new workout.

Organize One Item Every Week

Try to organize one thing that is out of place every week.  This can be a small thing.  Find a permanent place for your documents or a new place to store your extra shampoo.  If you create a permanent place for those receipts, you will have a more organized house.

Put Something Away Every Day

It can be difficult to impossible to keep your house clean if you have small children running around, but give yourself a more achievable goal: put just one thing away – in the right place – every day.

Do Something You Enjoy Every Day

Do one little thing that brings you joy.  It can something as simple as drinking coffee alone for a few minutes (in the closet if you are a parent) or taking a break to walk outside.

Eat Vegetables with Every Meal

Find some way to add vegetables to every meal you eat and you will have one healthy habit this year!

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