I fell in love with these Threshold fox salt and pepper shakers from Target. The white porcelain goes with nearly any décor and the fox shape gives them a certain je ne sais quois. We loved these little guys so much that we eventually purchased a few extras and turned them into ornaments for our tree.

If you wish to do the same, pick up a few salt and pepper shakers and some floral wire. Cut a long strand of floral wire – enough to pass through the shaker twice. Take the stopper out of the ornament and pass the wire through the shaker and through one of the holes.   Do the same with the other side of the wire so you have a loop through the bottom of the shaker. Pull both sides through and twist together, leaving a small gap. Cut all but about an inch of the wire off and turn it through so the twisted part no longer shows. Then hang your ornament with twine!

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