With the first week of Advent upon us, it seemed fitting to share our all time favorite Nativity set.  While I do own a traditional Fontanini Nativity set, you wouldn’t know it when you come into our house.  We have limited space and even more limited areas to display a Nativity.  So when we found this Origami Nativity set, we knew it would be perfect in our house.  This nativity set looks like origami but is made out of porcelain and should stand the test of time (assuming you protect it from small children and animals).  It is difficult to find out of season, so I recommend purchasing it before the end of Christmas.  There are two parts Jesus, Mary, Joseph, & the Magi and The Animals & Palm Tree.  One thing to note is that there isn’t a shepherd in this set – I figure Joseph must be doing double duty.  Or maybe you could make one of the three magi into a shepherd since there probably were not exactly three magi there anyway.  Or maybe this set is for a few months after Christ was born.  Take your pick.  Regardless, it’s a beautiful statement piece that you can keep out year round.

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