My sister came home one day with a collection of pressed flowers and asked if I wanted them.  Not wanting to turn down anything free that might come in handy, I said yes.  When we were completing our living room renovation, I had the idea of turning the pressed flowers into some wall art for over a sofa.  I gathered together some supplies and researched various ways of gluing the pressed flowers for the best results.  If you want to created pressed flower art, you’ll need four things.

  1. Pressed flowers – we went with a combination of red, blue, teal, and yellow.
  2. Art Paper – we used watercolor paper, mainly because it was the right size and color and it happened to be in the house at the time.
  3. Glue – we used wood glue, but it dried a bit yellow. I would go with traditional elmer’s glue that dries clear.
  4. Frames – we purchased the frames at Michael’s during their Labor Day Weekend sale at 50% off.  We also used a 25% off your entire purchase coupon.  I  found the frames a few weeks before, but waited for the weekend knowing they would have a good sale then.

Take your flowers and arrange over the page in any way that you find pleasing. We went with just one type of flower per page, but you can mix and match your flower types.  If you are doing multiple pages, I recommend using a little tape to hold down the arrangement that you like so you can compare it to the other ones you are doing before you glue them down.  Once you have the arrangement you like, glue them in place using a very small bead of glue.  Let them dry in place.

Next you will need a frame to fit the page with the flowers.  I scanned a lot of places for options until I came upon some wood frames from Michael’s.  There was a small space between the two mats that gave the frame a three-dimensional feel.  They seemed rather expensive at the time, so I took a photo of them for later reference.  I went back to Michael’s over Labor Day Weekend and they had all of their frames marked down 50% off.  I also had a 25% off your entire purchase – including sale items – coupon, so I combined them.  I purchased 10 frames and it was still a really expensive purchase, but it was fairly cheap in the long run.  We enjoy the 8 framed pressed flower arrangements and the two framed watercolors, so it was worth it.

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