A few weeks ago I had suddenly had the desire to create some charger plates from scratch.  I thought this would be relatively easy and somewhat inexpensive.  But I was wrong.  I searched far and wide for cheap wood chargers that I could stain or otherwise decorate with no luck.  I will skip the drama in between my search for DIY chargers and get to the point where I found these beautiful Stainless Steel Chargers from Crate & Barrel.  They are unbelievably beautiful in person and they match everything, including our squarish white plates and our cream and burnt red Cinnabar plates from our wedding.  It is no surprise that I now consider these part of the Four Entertaining Staples and I plan to use them for every event we have in the near future.  If you have considered getting charger plates and you want something sturdier than melamine, consider these.  They will last a lifetime and can even be used for serving.  For more photos of these chargers in action, see our earlier Thanksgiving Table Themes.

*I should add that as of two days ago I have finally found unfinished wood chargers at Hobby Lobby in their wood crafting section.  I will be purchasing a few and doing a post in the future on staining them for use at home.*

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