One way to save money is to invest in multipurpose items that you will use for years to come while spending far less on items that will not last past a few seasons. When it comes to entertaining, there are four staples that can be used in countless ways – dressed up or dressed down, these will last for years to come.

If you are interested in seeing how you can change your look with these four staples, see our Three Thanksgiving Table Themes.

One Set of White Dinnerware.

We purchased these rounded square Aurora Dinner Plates plates from Target years ago.  If you don’t already own one set of white dinnerware, you should consider getting a complete set.  White goes with everything and can make it easy to decorate for the any season.  Pottery Barn’s Catering Set is an excellent option if you want to buy a full set at once.  Another option to consider is Crate & Barrel’s Essential Dinnerware.  And IKEA offers inexpensive dinner plates in their 365+ line.

Classic Charger Plates.

Crate & Barrel’s Stainless Steel Chargers are beautiful and classy and will go with any decor from classic to ultra modern.  If you want something more traditional, Pottery Barn’s Antique Silver Chargers will dress up a traditional table.  And if you are looking for a more affordable option, melamine chargers are available from Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond as well as Home Goods.  The ideal chargers will compliment many different styles and decor options, making them useful for years to come.  While stainless goes with nearly everything, silver melamine may not be the best option for your decor, so consider all color options carefully with your decor in mind.

Classic Candle Sticks.

These stainless candle sticks were purchased at Home Goods, which is a great option if you are looking for entertaining and table top decor.  If you want to purchase them online, Crate & Barrel’s Arden Mirrored Stainless Steel Taper Candle Holders will last for ages and are a statement piece and World Market has Glass Candle Holders that hold both pillar candles and tapers and will match nearly everything.  Decor is best grouped together in odd numbers – often threes, so I recommend getting three or six. If you get six, you can separate them out into two groups.

Neutral Linens.

The wonderful thing about linens is that they are relatively inexpensive and you can change them out with the season.  However, I recommend buying or making one set of neutral napkins (and possibly a table runner) that will go with most or all of your decor so you can host in a pinch without running out to buy some.  This table runner and napkin set was made from one set of extra long twin sheets purchased in the clearance section at Home Goods (tutorial on that later this week), but you can purchase inexpensive napkins and table runners at Home Goods, Target, or Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

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